What is NLP​?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach dedicated to the study of human behavior through the dimensions of communication. NLP uses tools that teach an individual through communication, learning, and change to transform their behavior in order to approach problems with a new openness to achieve results and attain goals.


NLP originated in the early 1970s from the research of John Grinder and Richard Bandler, two Californian university scholars. It is a multidisciplinary approach in the sense that it draws results obtained from various psychotherapist professionals. NLP yields results by providing appropriate tools that target the development of individuals. It advocates openness and behavioral flexibility.



NLP promotes openness and awareness in the individual that allows him or her to reconnect with "what works”. NLP highlights winning strategies and processes that support personal and professional development. As a powerful communication and change tool, NLP brings out the potential of individuals by allowing them to access their internal resources.


What does NLP stand for?



All our programs shaped by our experiences sit in our neurological system in our mind. NLP tools enable us to modify and reorganize these programs to benefit our development.


It is through our verbal and non-verbal communication that the expression of our thoughts, our emotions, and our behaviors are reflected. The way we communicate showcases our views of the world: Our World Map


Based on our experiences from early ages, we have programmed complex patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. These programs allow us to evolve in the environment around us and to face different situations in our lives. Thanks to NLP interventions, these automatic programs unique to each individual are reorganized to install the desired positive changes.


Contact me for an introductory session.

Coaching session information

Introductory Session:

Price: Free

Duration: 30 minutes

Corporate Coaching:

Price: Please contact me to discuss your specific needs

Duration: minimum 2 hours


Athletic Coaching:

Price: 120$ or 3 sessions for 250$

Duration: 55 minutes

Team or group coaching is also available; please contact me to discuss your specific needs


Life Coaching:

Price: 120$ or 3 sessions for 300$

Duration: 55 minutes


Location of Coaching session:

Coaching sessions can be held in a place that works for you. It can be in Montreal, Laval at the office or home. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs


Cancellation Policy:

A 24 hours notice is required to change or cancel an appointment, or a 50% charge fee of the total cost will be applied


RITMA member: naturopathy receipt offered for your collective insurance or your taxes report.