From the heart of your present emerges your future, take the time to live in this moment to reveal your true potential. - Serge Ekedi


Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present. - Albert Camus

If you could change your behavior, capabilities, deep beliefs and motivations to achieve your personal goals as well as your professional goals, would you do it?

NLP Coaching (Neuro Linguistic Programming) targets the personal development of individuals; It is an approach dedicated to giving you the tools to redefine your experiences and actualize your potential to promote the desired changes.

Présence Coaching offers a unique way in facilitating growth by using a collaborative and co-creative approach.

Awareness - Authenticity - Integrity - Harmony

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I offer services that enable clients to acquire practical tools that will facilitate their success. I adopt a personalized and authentic approach during my coaching sessions, whether personal or corporate. It allows clients to identify their personal values, strengths, capabilities and deep motivations in order to promote their development and awareness

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Serge Ekedi

NLP Professional Coach.

Coach, mentor, and instructor, I will accompany you in the exploring and discovering of your potential to achieve your personal or professional development goals.

Educational background

  • NLP Certified Coach - CQPNL 2017

  • U.Lab Certificate: Transforming Business, Society, and Self - M.I.T - 2015

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Sherbrooke University - 2009

  • Graduate Diploma in Management - Sherbrooke University - 2007

  • Certificate in Management Information System - UQAM - 2002

  • Biology Major and minor in psychology - Laval University - 1993



Collaboration, co-creation, and success

Corporate coaching allows you to tackle challenges you face using a different approach and also integrate practical tools to achieve your goals in a timely manner:  

Business alignment - leadership - business strategy - decision-making - conflict management - team cohesion - communication - work-life balance - priority management - work performance

Businesses (small and large) - Employees - Teams - Groups - Entrepreneurs - Leaders - Managers - Self-employed


Inspiration and transformation

Life coaching provides you development tools to support you in achieving a balanced and fulfilling life. Exploring your full potential will enable you to overcome your challenges and realize your goals.

Confidence and self-esteem - Time and stress management - Emotion management - Behaviour change - Improved communication - Self-knowledge for better achievement

Individuals - Families - Groups


Balance, passion, and performance

Athletic coaching offers tools and methods for mental preparation to enable you to attain achievable goals. Whether for performance or pleasure, you will experience your full potential while maintaining a balanced lifestyle

Building mental strength - controlling emotions - setting goals - overcoming self-sabotage - managing stress - boosting self-confidence - Coming back strong after an injury - balancing performance and pleasure - developing mental strategies for competitions - overcoming fears ...


Amateur athletes - Professional athletes - Sports teams - Coaches



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